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   The average cost is approximately US$60 per adult per day and $35 per child per day, not including alcoholic beverages.
We will stock the first day’s food and beverages based on your instructions. Once you are settled you will then discuss the menu for your stay. If you are paying with cash, chef can do all the shopping for you, if you prefer to pay by credit card you will need to accompany chef to the grocery store. 

If you don’t want to have to worry about all that and prefer to carry much less cash, please enquire about our pre-paid food, drink and gratuity convenience package.


It is customary to leave 10% of rent during high season 

(15% during low season) to be divided amongst the staff.




U.S.$1000 paid forty-five days prior to arrival and refunded within two weeks of your departure if no damage occurs.

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